❤Review❤ Until The End of Time – Edie Baylis @ediebaylis

36363519Book Name: Until The End of Time
Author: Edie Baylis
Series: Downfall Series #1
Genre: Dark Romance
Number of Pages: 433 Pages
Publisher: Athame Press
Publishing Date: September 5, 2017
My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
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Seth Wright and Jane Ellerton are in love. Theirs is not an ordinary kind of love, though. It is filled with violence, drugs, and an intensity fueled by their cruel and sadistic tendency towards brutality. They feed off of each others need for the darkness, which in turn makes Seth and Jane’s relationship even more intense and passionate. Their love is like none other and they match each other perfectly. However, not everyone in their lives are happy with the two of them being together. Debbie has been in love with Seth for over two years and Paul wants Jane back for himself. Their delusions sets off a chain of events that test the bounds of Seth and Jane’s relationship like it has never been tested before. Seth and Jane start to feel the strain as paranoia steps in testing the depths of their relationship. Who can they trust in their circle of friends? Could their love survive until the end of time or are Seth and Jane headed down a path they could never return from?

UNTIL THE END OF TIME sets the bar pretty high right from the first few pages. Murder and mayhem interweave through the pages and into the lives of Seth and Jane. Both seem to relish and thrive through all of the violence in their lives. I don’t think either one knew how to be normal. Even though they were in love with each other, their love was filled with obsession and paranoia which eventually spirals out of control. While reading this story, I couldn’t help but think of Seth and Jane like the couple in the movie Natural Born Killers. Which, at the time was a pretty controversial movie, much like what I think this story is as well. Either you are going to love it and embrace the craziness that has become Seth and Jane’s world or you will absolutely hate it because it’s so unconventional. What can I say? I love the crazy. I love anything outside of the norm. This isn’t some happy go lucky romance. There is murder, violence, and cheating which can be a trigger for some readers. Personally, I love how the author, Edie Baylis, did not hold anything back. The story is in your face, every messed up thing you can think of is probably written in the pages of this story.

There are many characters and multi POV’s, but I never felt lost in the story. Did I necessarily like any of the characters? Yes and no. Seth and Jane do very bad things together and separately, but yet deep down inside, they both had some redeeming characteristics that made them likeable. It may not have been much, but you can see how much they did want to change, but they were so accustomed to a life they were leading, that it became hard to pull themselves away from it. Can they make it out of their life of depravity and become normal? Or is this already their normal?

I have to say that I really enjoyed this story and had a hard time putting it down. Edie Baylis has created a gripping, psychological story that sucks you right in and leaves you embracing the manipulation, lies, and craziness that takes place between the pages. If you like the weirdness, a couple who is not the norm, and a colorful cast of friends who are just as crazy/psycho as the main couple, then you may want to pick yourself up a copy of UNTIL THE END OF TIME, which is the first book in the Downfall series. Book two in the series, ESCAPING THE PAST, was released earlier this month and I cannot wait to find out what happens next.

Trigger warnings: Violence, murder, cheating, rape.


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